Novo bater do labteca com o texto criatividade+liberdade=aprendizagem


Will be part of this community and make collaborative projects

LaTEC@ is a special space to develop their projects, with much enjoyment, concentration and friends. We are a community project, that is people who develop ideas, prototypes, experiments, movements and create several things collaboratively in a friendly and fun environment. Read more by clicking on here

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Want to learn how to develop applications for ANDROID quickly and easily? then click here.

alunos na aula de conversação dentro do Labteca
bandeira brasil e finlandia grudadas com a mensagem: Internacionalização
Integração Brasil - Finlândia

Team prepares for cooperative work with students from Finland.

Provided with the help of English Student William, and with two exchange students Jessie (UK) and Edimel (USA) the team members of LabTEC@ is promoting conversation meetings in English to improve performance in virtual meetings with Finland.

lab ifal
Come to LabTEC@ and have fun with I.D.E.I.A methodology - innovation- Fun-Entreentendimento-Inspiration-Learning. Mark an interview with Prof. Marcelo de Assis Corrêa and meet the I.D.E.I.A.

Here you can put your project into practice with the support of teachers and peers, sharing experiences and materials with computer support under the guidance of teachers. Take your idea and come practice with us.


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